CFML meeting schedule in FY2024 updated at May/30/2024
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  • 3rd period (13:00 - 14:30) on Monday for the summer term
  • If you are not available, find someone who can replace your order
  • The chair organizes the meeting
  • Send an e-mail to Takahashi-sensei (ytakahashi[at] when you are absent from the meeting

Spring and summer terms

Date  Presenters  Chair
Spring term
Apr/10 Fujita
Apr/17 Cui, Miyake Sheila
Apr/24 Sheila, Cho Shimoyama
May/1 Takasawa, Yoshio, Shimoyama Kubota
May/8 Liu, Kubota, Lotfy Sakai
May/15 Fujita, Sakai, Akshat Seki
May/22 Scott, Saha, Seki Kawashiro
May/29 Hmaze, Takano Takano
Jun/5 Kawashiro, Miyashita (R) Miyake
Summer term
Jun/10 B4 and new students Cui
Jun/17 Cui, Cho Akshat
Jun/24 Miyake, Akshat, Zhang Lotfy
Jul/01 Fujita, Scott, Lotfy Liu
Jul/08 Hamze, Sakai, Kubota Scott
Jul/15 No meeting
Jul/22 Yoshio, Seki, Shimoyama,Raj Matsubara
Jul/26 Liu,Sheila Yoshio
Jul/29 Kawashiro, Matsubara, Kitamura Miyashita (R)
Aug/05 Miyashita(R), Takano, Jeongwoo Cho

Fall and winter terms